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Real Estate

Expert advice and creative solutions that deliver results.

Client-focused, creative solutions

Whether you work in commercial or residential real estate, Lockton's expert team will support your portfolio with creative insurance and risk management solutions. We start by understanding your business goals and then connect them to your risk management and employee objectives.

Real estate casts a wide net and can face a variety of challenges. Considerations include protecting business income, lost rents, expensive machinery, and builders' risk to commercial and professional liability; Lockton has you covered. Our team also offers comprehensive in-house catastrophic loss modeling for natural events like windstorms, hail, earthquakes and floods. Additionally, we offer coverage for renters' insurance, security deposit insurance, terrorism and cyber.

Lockton offers comprehensive solutions for Private Finance Initiatives (PFI) and Public Private Partnerships (PPP). These solutions includes due diligence consultancy for lenders and governmental entities. Additionally, we offer risk management solutions for contractors involved in building and civil engineering projects.

In an ever-changing marketplace, we prioritize you. We know it is essential to understand your business's needs today while looking around the bend to anticipate what might be coming next.

Location, location, location.

With over 100 offices around the world, Lockton’s global footprint works to your advantage. Our expertise, strong relationships, and unwavering commitment to servicing our clients deliver the right and the best solution for every client.
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It is not just who you know, it’s what you know

Our knowledge of the insurance market — and our relationships with real estate underwriters — gives us the edge. We negotiate the best policy terms at competitive rates from reputable insurance carriers around the world.  

Our clients run the gamut. From hotels, resorts and motels to asset managers and condominium associations. From contractors to agents to fund managers to multifamily owners and property developers and owners, Lockton will deliver tailor-made solutions that maximize cost savings and specifically meet your needs.

Client-focused, creative solutions

We provide Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to ensure the continuation of operations in the event of a catastrophic event.  We will work with you through Lockton’s BCP disaster recovery planning to identify the actions, resources, and procedures to help keep your business operational despite unexpected interruptions.

To structure your retail insurance program, we start by understanding your business goals and human capital strategy. Then, we align risk management, employee benefits and retirement strategies with your business objectives. 

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