Lockton Risk Finance


Risk Finance

Superior results happen when you treat insurance as a form of capital.

Delivering results

Lockton’s Risk Finance team meets our clients' ever-increasing demand for risk alternatives, captive consultation, and collateral management strategies. The team is a collaborative group of finance, accounting, credit, and insurance professionals whose primary role is to assist our service teams with the design and implementation of program structures that match our clients' needs from a cost-of-risk, cash-flow, accounting, tax and collateral perspective. The group is renowned for delivering results while linking clients' risk management programs to their strategic and financial objectives.

Our Risk Finance team meets our clients’ increasing demand for alternative risk programs, captive consultation, and collateral strategies. We consult on hundreds of captive insurance programs and risk retention group entities in dozens of domiciles, representing billions of dollars in captive insurance assets. 

The Lockton risk finance difference

Lockton’s Risk Finance team is a collaborative group of finance, accounting, credit, and insurance professionals who:

  • Evaluate the most efficient use of capital

  • Provide risk finance solutions to manage volatility

  • Compare insurance costs against a client's cost of capital

  • Navigate through carrier credit underwriting process

  • Consult on effective captive insurance strategies

  • Eliminate redundant working capital

  • Provide ongoing consultation; going beyond transactional insurance services

  • Help clients make informed decisions

We engage with clients in all parts of the captive lifecycle:

  • Feasibility

  • Formation

  • Utilization

  • Dissolution

Lockton captive consulting by the numbers

  • 19 Worldwide Domiciles

  • $8 billion in captive assets under consultation

  • $2 billion in captive premium under consultation