Whatever you collect, it’s incredibly meaningful to your and your family. That’s why we don’t just focus on financial reimbursement. In addition to insurance coverage, we provide access to collection-specific appraisers, preservation consultation, and disaster recovery options at home or abroad.


Luxury collections

Successful individuals require sophisticated risk management strategies that safeguard the lifestyle you’ve worked so hard to achieve. In addition to insurance, we provide access to collection-specific appraisers, preservation consultants, and disaster recovery specialists.

Fine art is on the rise as today’s most popular collectable. We’ll make sure your pieces are covered while in transit or during restoration. Then, we’ll apply blanket liability to cover loss from issues such as theft, fire, or water. For items of historical rarity, we offer tailored coverage solutions and evacuation planning.

Coverage needs to keep pace with new pieces as you acquire them. And we know not all pieces are likely to be worn at once. Whether it’s loss or damage, we create worldwide coverage strategies for:

• Single pieces

• Watches

• Custom & heirloom items

• Sets

It’s your passion, and you’ve spent years acquiring key pieces. We’ll locate and negotiate coverage for your large or unique collections such as:

• Stamps & coins

• Sports

• Instruments

• Designer couture

There’s growing enthusiasm surrounding the acquisition of premium libations. Unlike other collectables, these items are particularly susceptible to temperature changes, breakage, theft, and fraud. Our goal is to help you avoid losses in the first place.

Our strategy goes beyond typical damage, collision, and injury. We’ll discuss agreed upon value in case of total loss or theft, repairs with original parts, salvage rights, and disaster relocation coverage.

• Luxury

• Classic & vintage

• Exotic & performance

• Race

Enjoy Concierge Claims

Our ambassador-level claims team is the secret to our success.

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Eliminating root causes helps avoid claims in the first place. We'll carefully review your history to recommend ways to cost-effectively mitigate your high-risk exposures.

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You'll meet your claims team early to build a partnership. Our aim is to take the stress of your shoulders during what could otherwise be a tedious process.

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Many Lockton claims managers have worked for key carriers. Our personal relationships give us the clout to expedite your claim and reach a decision faster.

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Our goal is to streamline paperwork and meetings, then bring you in only when necessary. We'll negotiate directly with carriers so you can focus on your day-to-day.


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