Private risk solutions for Home, Cars, Luxury collections, yachts & Aircraft, family office, farm and ranch.


Private Risk Solutions

We help successful people protect and preserve wealth. Our thorough understanding of risks inherent with luxury lifestyles allows us to develop tailored insurance strategies that meet your highest standards. We help protect your world today, tomorrow, and for future generations.

Client service is what sets Lockton apart. It’s our focus on reducing risks before they happen. It’s our drive to negotiate the best terms and pricing. And, of course, it’s being there for you when you need us most: during a claim.

Curious about how we can do it when others can’t? It’s a combination of our structure, talent, and philosophy.

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Distinctly Lockton



Let's sit down together to discuss everything from risk tolerance to future high-end acquisitions.



We'll review your claims history, take a tour and analyze your data so we can build custom risk management plans unique to you.



Once we present our findings and rationale, we will incorporate your feedback until everyone is comfortable with the result.



Because things constantly change, we stay connected with you through out the year, not just at renewal.

Lockton’s Private Risk Solutions team does what they say they will do. They take time to listen and incorporate my ideas and conduct annual reviews. They care that my claims get resolved quickly. Lockton does things differently.
Family office client since 2011. Los Angeles, CA

Concierge Claims Services

Identifying and eliminating root causes helps avoid a claim in the first place. We’ll review your claims history, conduct onsite visits, and make tailored recommendations to cost-effectively mitigate your high-risk exposures.

Lockton doesn’t hand you off to the carrier or an unfamiliar third party once you submit a claim. Instead, we introduce you to your claims manager before an incident so you can begin to establish a trusted relationship. If a claim is submitted, we strive to take the stress and strain off your shoulders during what can tend to be a painful, tedious process.

Many Lockton claims managers have been underwriters and appraisers for some of the largest carriers in the industry. This perspective, combined with our personal relationships, gives us the clout to expedite your claim and reach a decision faster.

Our goal is to streamline paperwork and meetings, then bring you in only when necessary. Working on your behalf, we’ll negotiate directly with carriers so you can focus on your day-to-day. And if a carrier denies your claim, we won’t stop until we’ve exhausted all alternative avenues and provided every piece of evidence supporting your submission.

Some brokerage firms benefit when a client submits a claim. Fees go up. Premiums go up. But that’s not Lockton. We believe in taking a “forever approach” with clients to ensure we’re serving your best interests today and for the next generation. If we can reduce the volume or severity of your claims, that’s a win for all of us


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