COVID-19 Advisory Practice


Coronavirus Advisory Practice

The Coronavirus Advisory Practice

The Coronavirus Advisory Practice is made up experts across all lines of coverage including, property & casualty, benefits, and retirement. Areas represented include financial services, government relations, pharmacy, business continuity, international and communications.

Meet the full Coronavirus Advisory Practice. Together they will bring you the most current information related to the issues involved with COVID-19.

Employer COVID-19 Vaccine Strategies

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COVID-19 Guidance

Read the latest guidance from the Coronavirus Advisory Practice

OSHA halts implementation and enforcement of the ETS, employers can press the “pause” button for now

The legal challenges to OSHA’s Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) filed across the country are now in the hands of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. The temporary stay issued by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Nov. 6 and affirmed on Nov. 12 continues in effect. OSHA has acknowledged the lega …

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OSHA, CMS issue much-anticipated vaccine-related guidance

Update: Legal challenges to OSHA's Emergency Temporary Standards have begun On Saturday, Nov. 6, a court in Louisiana granted a temporary stay of the OSHA Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) while evaluating whether the ETS should be permanently blocked. The states of Texas and Louisiana, along with  …

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Updated CDC Guidance, Government Mandates and More

Earlier this year, a strong motivating factor to encourage or incentivize employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine was the prospect of not having to wear a face mask any longer. That reprieve for many was short-lived in light of the Delta variant. Now, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CD …

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Additional COVID-19 Resources