Lockton’s Advocacy Solutions practice seeks to improve your employees’ access to care and uses evidence-based guidelines and measurable data combined with clinical consulting insight to build individualized and appropriate action plans. Nurse advocate teams work with clients to determine the best strategies and data sources for identifying employees who have the greatest risk and potential for experiencing significant medical events, before coordinating care and elevating the experience for your people.


Advocacy Solutions

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Introducing Lockton's Advocacy Solutions

    As part of a comprehensive health management strategy, Lockton helps clients evaluate and deploy navigation and advocacy solutions. Advocates take a holistic approach to determine the best strategies for health plan participants while also coordinating care and elevating the overall healthcare experience. Advocate teams use unmatched data to identify employees who have the greatest risk and potential for experiencing significant medical events, ultimately intervening early and reducing costs.


    • Advanced risk stratification

    • Behavioral interviewing

    • Care navigation

    • Care gap analysis and closure

    • Medication adherence

    Industry-leading benefits for the people powering your business

    Acting as your strategic partner, we’ll get to grips with the different layers of your business to deliver integrated health and risk programs that add value for your organization.

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    Lockton People Solution FAQs

    Lockton believes every business maximizes their potential when their people maximize theirs. That’s why we help our clients make their business, and their people’s lives, better. We know employers need solutions that help balance attracting and retaining talent, manage costs and promote employee well-being. Lockton helps guide clients to people solutions that drive employee understanding, engagement and satisfaction; incorporate competitive total rewards and benefits packages; and manage and measure the effectiveness of your programs.

    We work with every client thinking about how we can best improve your employee experiences to drive engagement, understanding, satisfaction and productivity; design total rewards and benefits that increase perceived value and help attract and retain talent, while controlling costs; and help you make information-based decisions, measure and manage your programs, while driving a competitive business advantage amid an increasingly complex landscape.

    Lockton delivers a full suite of solutions in the following areas: employee experiences and engagement, total rewards and benefits, and management and measurement.

    Lockton operates all over the globe through Lockton offices and a network of Lockton Global Partners.

    M&A Due Diligence helps to prevent material uninsured liabilities arising post-close, the Company breaching regulatory obligations, and any negative impact on morale and productivity resulting from the mishandling of employee benefits.

    We can help with all M&A transactions from SME to large corporate.

    We help you to identify key individuals that are pivotal to the transaction or future value of the business and recommend appropriate business protection to mitigate future loss.

    A key person can be a business owner or partner but can also extend to include those with significant influence on an organisation’s success.

    Examples might include: Founder and/or driving force of the enterprise, Responsible for key contracts/relationships, Source of intellectual property or specialist skills, Innovative/creative leader, Significant sales/producer.

    The business is free to determine who is critical to the enterprise.

    Key person insurance helps reduce the financial impact of recruitment, providing interim cover whilst rebuilding specialist knowledge potentially lost.

    This protection allows businesses to continue trading, protecting short-term cash flow while business stabilises. It can also protect against corporate debt, the ability to make loan repayments to secure the future of the business, or protecting investment of newly acquired entities.

    Our specialists have extensive experience of working with clients to help them determine the optimum levels of cover for their business and importantly, the levels of cover that will be supported by the financial underwriters. The team has access to both the conventional life insurance markets and Lloyds so that we can provide the widest opportunities for cover for our clients including the placement of unusual and high risks.

    With a global footprint of over 100 offices, there’s sure to be one near you.

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