Lockton is the nation’s surety disruptor, setting the stage for client success by maximizing our clients’ bond expenditures. Lockton Surety has become one of the largest surety brokers in the world, representing more than 2,000 clients across all industries, including ENR Top Contractors and Design Firms as well as Fortune 500 companies.



Disrupting surety brokerage since 1966 to provide you with unmatched solutions.

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Jack Lockton founded Lockton Companies in 1966 and revolutionized the way multinational brokers do business by including clients in every aspect of the process. Fifty-five years later, Lockton Surety has become one of the largest surety brokers in the world, representing more than 2,000 clients across industries. We’ve built an industry-leading team with long-standing market relationships to serve your surety bond needs.

Driven by client satisfaction and retention, our unique service model puts our clients first, eliminating risk at every turn. Private ownership allows us to reinvest up to 85% of our earnings back into the services we provide. This enables us to invest in, train and retain top talent and expert resources dedicated to serving our clients.

Consultative services

Lockton’s surety practice is equipped to facilitate surety transactions around the world.

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An unparalleled level of service

At Lockton, we measure our success by our client’s satisfaction and retention, not bottom-line results. Our service commitment leads to best-in-class daily surety support and continual advancements in the services we offer. We won’t ask you to fit our model, we tailor ours to fit yours.  We represent clients in a wide range of industries.

Data-driven solutions

We understand that maintaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace is largely dependent on risk mitigation. Our analysis of your current backlogs and surety exposures using custom data modeling provides precise recommendations for underwriting considerations. Some of our tools and services include:

  • Financial statement analysis and credit rating 

  • Weighted backlog analysis 

  • Financial and rate peer comparisons and benchmarking 

  • Individual project and composite profit trend analysis 

  • Detailed safety record review 

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