Political & trade credit risk management


Political & trade credit risk management

Tailored insurance solutions for your business.

Coverage & expertise

Lockton specialists evaluate our clients’ political risks, credit risks and the risks associated with trade and investment in emerging markets.  We provide solutions for manufacturers and coverage for lenders in project finance and trade, sponsors of projects for equity interest, and traders. We tailor your insurance coverage to support your growth, protect your cash flow, reduce financing risk and cost of funds and manage risks across the supply chain.

Lockton tailors a bespoke solution for your business in the trade of goods and services.  Companies in a wide array of sectors depend on our expertise including:  commodities, energy, chemicals, paper, pharmaceuticals, heavy industry, finance and banking, entertainment, and technology. 

Our services

Credit Solutions

  • Credit insurance (domestic and export)

  • Project finance, factoring and asset-backed finance structures.

Political Risk Solutions

  • Confiscation, expropriation and nationalization

  • Contract frustration insurance

  • War and terrorism in emerging markets

  • Unfair calling of contract bonds

Supply Chain Risk Solutions

  • Supply chain and intangible risk coverage

  • Trade disruption insurance

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