Contingency Insurance

We take the uncertainty out of your event planning.

Removing worry

A high profile event or marketing campaign can help you grow your business. Yet if something goes wrong, you may pay a high price. Contingency insurance takes the worry out of sports, entertainment, and marketing events.

Lockton’s expert team will make sure you have contingency insurance coverage you need to maximize your event or promotion with minimum fixed costs and protect against disasters that could cost you visibility and revenue.

Giving your event every chance of success, with protection from the risks.

Custom-designed policies

Lockton designs each contingency insurance policy individually, based on the nuances of your event and where you operate. We offer you protection from:

  • Event cancellation

  • Non-appearance

  • Weather risks – income stabilization and cost containment

  • Prize indemnity

  • Over redemption

  • Contractual bonus

  • Film production risks

  • Death and disgrace



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