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The analytical tools and guidance you need to take action.

Empowering informed decisions

Lockton’s Analytics group provides robust analytics, market intelligence, and sound judgment to help you make informed decisions about risk retention and financing.

Our goal is to provide you the analysis you need to achieve the best possible solution.

Our Dynamic Capital Modeling gives you a proven custom strategy tailored to your company’s risk and financing rates to determine what insurance should be purchased while protecting the company from intolerable risks.

Find out more about our Dynamic Capital Modeling services.

We demystify the actuarial process, becoming our client’s valued advisor and partner.

Tools and experience

With our tools and experience as your guide, you’ll be able to:

  • Measure and understand the risk, using analytics to assess expected outcomes and the variability of probable scenarios

  • Evaluate alternative options to determine the acceptable amount of risk you’re willing to assume – and the best way to finance it.

  • Advocate and design the optimal program. By understanding the actuarial point of view, we are able to negotiate with carriers.

  • Monitor your results so we can proactively identify potential solutions to adverse trends.