Understanding Virginia and Colorado privacy laws

Virginia and Colorado recently joined California in passing comprehensive privacy legislation designed to foster consumer control.

Virginia became the second state to adopt a comprehensive consumer data privacy law when Governor Ralph Northam signed the Consumer Data Protection Act (CDPA) on March 2, 2021. This follows the California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA), which was signed into law on December 16, 2020 and becomes effective on January 1, 2023. Colorado then became the third state to pass comprehensive privacy legislation this past summer with its Colorado Consumer Privacy Act (CPA), which was signed into law on July 8, 2021 and becomes effective on July
1, 2023.

While the laws of all three states differ, there are common themes across all three of which accountability and consumer control are paramount. Whereas prior regulation focused on particular data sets and potential harm to consumers from misuse or unauthorized use of such data, recent frameworks focus on giving individuals control over their data and holding
companies accountable for what they choose to do with the personal data they collect.

In this paper we will discuss the recently passed Virginia and Colorado legislation and what they mean for your business.

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