Research report 2019: Data-driven high-impact HR

 “Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” -T.S. Eliot

Talent and culture are increasingly cited in employer studies as strategic priorities for the C-suite. However, much of this research focuses on the world’s largest employers, which raises the question, “Do these trends hold true for employers, regardless of their size, industry and location?” We set out to understand just that. While we sought employer variety in this study, we decided to focus our research on employers of choice, organizations that:

  • Were recently awarded best place to work designations (or their equivalent).

  • Were recognized as employers of choice in their industry or region.

  • Had otherwise demonstrated an outstanding commitment to investing in people and culture as a competitive advantage.

This preliminary research report summarizes interviews with nearly 100 top HR leaders from top employers around the country stemming from a central question: “What top talent and culture priorities are HR leaders of employers of choice focused on today to drive forward their business priorities?” 

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