Matt Brost is Lockton Dunning’s New Vice President

Lockton Dunning Benefits (Lockton Dunning) is excited to share that Matt Brost, Vice President, has joined the Lockton Dunning team.

Matt is considered one of the industry’s leading experts in employee engagement, population health, and complex claims. He brings a fresh level of innovative thinking to benefits solutions that will make him a brilliant addition to the Lockton Dunning team.

Steve Idoux, President of the North Texas Lockton Dunning series says, “Matt is a fierce advocate for finding solutions to maximize the employee experience for employers. His strong passion and foresight innately create innovative ideas that solve not only immediate challenges but also mitigate future cost increases.”

“Lockton Dunning Benefits captured my interest. They were innovative, creative, and most importantly, always have their clients and associate’s best interests in mind,” Matt added. “I am excited to work with the best in the industry and to know that I can give my clients the best possible tools, advice, and solutions.”

“Our passion is our clients, and we strive to have the smartest associates and producers working hard on behalf of our clients. We are progressive, fast-paced, and are laser-focused in serving our clients. Matt embraces the best of all of us.” Steve Idoux added.

Lockton Dunning is privately owned and was built on our passion for serving our most important three stakeholders: our clients, our Associates, and the communities in which we do business. Our tremendous 56 years of steady growth and most notably, 27% growth over the last year, demonstrates that we are truly clear on what we are doing and for whom we are doing it. Matt is the perfect person to uphold this value system as we continue to grow and extend the breadth of our services.