Lockton Retirement PEP

Competitive retirement plans help employers recruit and retain talent, but they are also expensive, risky and time consuming. By delegating plan duties to the Lockton Retirement Pooled Employer Plan (PEP), employers eliminate work and risk and potentially offer more services at a lower cost to employees.

How it works Employers in the PEP outsource fiduciary and administrative responsibility to the Pooled Plan Provider (PPP). The PPP coordinates management and oversight activities:

  • A 3(16) plan fiduciary assumes most administrative and plan compliance responsibilities:

    • Allocating contributions.

    • Day-to-day operations.

    • Error resolution.

    • Form 5500 filings.

  • Lockton, as 3(38) fiduciary advisor, chooses investment options, monitors ongoing performance, and negotiates the best fees possible.

  • Participating employers share the cost of only one audit.

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