Lockton launches new Insights & Innovation Lab

The expanded capability will focus on formulating market insights, evaluating new solutions through advanced analytics, and curating the market to find the best fit solutions for clients.

Lockton Companies, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage and people solutions consulting group, announced today the launch of a new Insights & Innovation Lab for People Solutions. The new team of experts will focus on helping Lockton clients make their businesses better with new, cutting edge solutions, while also making their peoples’ lives better through improved experiences and better care solutions.

With healthcare and benefits complexity continuing to increase, employers are searching for innovative solutions that help them balance providing competitive benefits with increasing costs, while navigating compliance and administration, and increasing employee engagement. The expanded capabilities from the Lockton Insights & Innovation Lab will help clients identify and assess relevant market trends in healthcare & benefits, evaluate applicable solutions, and curate those solutions to find the best fit for their people and business needs. The Insights & Innovation Lab is one of several new capabilities Lockton is investing in, along with improved data analytics, specialty practices and marketing communications.

“We’re excited to expand our cutting-edge research and recommendations to our clients through the launch of this new capability and expertise,” said Bruce Sammis, Lockton’s People Solutions Executive Committee Chairman. “Our clients will benefit from valuable insights and answers, delivered through this unique capability, that helps them better match their needs with innovative solutions that improve the employee experience.”

The Insights & Innovation Lab will be directed by Michael Perlmutter, Senior Vice President. Perlmutter, who joined Lockton in December 2021, has worked in healthcare and health management for more than 30 years while serving in strategic leadership roles at large health plans and innovative health management organizations. He was most recently the Health Imagination Leader at WTW.

“The role of benefits in the workplace is changing as employees prioritize their wellbeing as much as their wallet,” continued Sammis. “We will continue to invest in our business in order to bring quick, actionable insights to our clients that help them attract and retain the best talent, while controlling rising costs and navigating an increasingly complex landscape.”

Additionally, Lockton welcomed Chase Wagner as the Benefits Director of Marketing & Communications at the end of 2021. Wagner has worked in marketing and communications for nearly 20 years, including the areas of marketing strategy, public relations, corporate communications, corporate responsibility, digital advertising, social media, and public affairs. He was most recently the Director of Corporate Communications at H&R Block.