Lockton Caribbean & Central America launches region’s first dedicated Food, Agriculture & Beverage insurance broking practice

Lockton Caribbean & Central America (CCA) announced today the launch of CCA FAB, the insurance broking industry’s first Food, Agriculture & Beverage practice focusing exclusively on the region.

The new Food, Agriculture & Beverage practice within Lockton CCA — the Miami-based wholesale insurance and reinsurance operation focused on the region, within Lockton’s Latin America and Caribbean Insurance Services Series (LACIS) — will deliver tailor-made insurance solutions to companies at all points along the value chain of the food, agriculture and beverage industries. Among other potential offerings, these include bespoke liability insurance and contract review, crop insurance, stock throughput solutions, product liability and recall insurance, reputational damage insurance, and financial and professional coverages.

Lockton CCA has historically served many high-profile local and global food, agriculture and beverage companies with exposures within the region, including food distribution companies, distilleries, breweries, and soft drink manufacturers, on behalf of local independent brokers and insurers. The new CCA FAB practice, working as a wholesaler, will deliver new and innovative solutions designed for the food, agriculture, and beverage industry to these brokers and insurers to better serve their clients.

Lockton named Simon Arden and Mario Martinez as co-leaders of CCA FAB. They will jointly report to Julian Pratt, CEO of Lockton CCA, and Tony Matta, President of CCA. Arden and Martinez, insurance industry veterans with history and experience in the Caribbean and Central America, will work closely with Lockton’s global Food, Agriculture & Beverage practices in both London and the United States to help food, agriculture and beverage industry companies effectively manage their risk.

“As the food, agriculture, and beverage sector in the Caribbean and Central America grows and evolves, businesses need tailored advice from brokers who understand the industry and the region,“ Arden said. “Lockton CCA is excited to help deliver outside-the-box thinking and problem-solving to help industry participants manage their most critical operational, financial, and reputational risks and build competitively priced and responsive insurance programs.”

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