Mitigate risk to make your business safer and stronger.

Good design matters.

True in manufacturing and insurance. We dedicate ourselves to understanding your business and knowing what sets you apart from the rest. Whether you manufacture steel or paper boxes, skincare treatments, boats, agricultural equipment and more, our team designs solutions that fit your needs.

Whatever risks you face, we unlock opportunities to help you move forward. We strive to understand the “why” and “how” behind your business so we can create the most efficient, cutting-edge solution in the marketplace.

Your enterprise is one of a kind, so don’t settle for off-the-shelf answers. We deliver innovative, agile solutions unlike anyone else, from empowering and encouraging creative ideas to passionately advocating for our clients.

To structure your manufacturing insurance program, we start by understanding your business goals and human capital strategy. Then, we align risk management, employee benefits and retirement strategies with your business objectives top of mind.

Independence changes everything.

We believe that what makes us stand apart is also what makes us better: independence. As the world’s largest privately held, independent insurance broker, we answer to no one but our clients. We are empowered to what’s best for our clients at all times. Independence for us equals opportunity for you. Lockton will be perpetually independent.

Pre-loss, post-loss process

Our Business Continuity Planning (BCP) ensures the continuation of operations in the event of a catastrophic event. We work together through Lockton’s BCP disaster recovery planning to identify the actions, resources, and procedures that will help keep your business operational despite unexpected interruptions.

The health of our employees directly relates to the health of your business – and your company’s bottom line. Our employee benefits experts design a program specifically for your business to help you attract and retain talented workers while managing your healthcare costs.

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