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There is always something exciting happening at Lockton. Here are just a few from our newsroom.

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London Market Insurance Update H1 2024

We are pleased to share the Lockton H1 2024 London Market Insurance Update, intended to keep you abreast with underwriting and risk trends from a London Market perspective. This issue contains insights from 20 business segments across Lockton, along  …

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Real Estate & Construction

The risk evolution of automated storage systems

The risk evolution of automated storage systems The world of storage and distribution is changing. To improve operational efficiency, operators are seeking ways to optimise space utilisation, increasing both the height and/or density of storage with  …

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Energy & Power

Addressing the growing risk of blades detaching from wind turbines

Wind turbines are an increasingly popular form of energy generation. Although dependent on size, their ability to potentially power a home for two days with a single rotation has contributed to a 9% YoY growth of total installed wind capacity to 906  …

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