Lockton Launches New People Solutions Practice

Lockton Companies, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage and consulting group, announced today an evolution in its business as its employee benefits practice has become Lockton People Solutions.

Lockton’s People Solutions practice consists of solutions supporting our clients in the areas of employee experiences and engagement, total rewards and benefits, and measurement and management of their programs.

“How we talk about our business needed to evolve to better reflect today’s changing marketplace and how we advise and support our clients,” said Tom Schaffler, Lockton’s People Solutions Executive Committee Chairman in the U.S. “More than simply managing benefits programs, employers around the world need help engaging their workforce, recruiting and retaining talent, and driving efficiency for their business. Lockton People Solutions better reflects how we help our clients achieve these goals.”

The launch of Lockton People Solutions comes at a time when the way people work is being challenged, and employers are under increasing pressure to attract and retain their talent. Companies must now not only offer compelling benefits packages but also create positive employee experiences and drive engagement, understanding and satisfaction. And they must do this while continuing to find efficiencies

Lockton’s People Solutions practice helps organizations become more successful and make people’s lives better by delivering a suite of solutions to meet the needs of companies operating in today’s environment. For more information about Lockton’s People Solutions practice and the suite of capabilities within, visit www.lockton.com (opens a new window) or reach out to your local Lockton office or visit your regional People Solution homepage below.

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