Private ownership, long-term strategy drives double-digit growth for Lockton

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There is always something exciting happening at Lockton. Here are just a few from our newsroom.

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Why data is the new frontier for employee benefits

The increasing digitisation of society and business in recent years has ushered in a new wave of processes and ways of working. The wide adoption of smartphones, GPS devices, wearables, and social media is capturing more information than ever before, …

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Striking the right balance between freedom of choice and paternalism

In general, paternalism mostly has negative connotations, being interpreted as authoritarian, restrictive or limiting liberty. This view is somewhat softened in a work environment, with notions of ‘being provided for’ or even benevolence. Nevertheles …

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Encouraging male staff to be proactive about their health

Men are more likely to delay appointments, are less likely to talk about their health with their employer and are more likely to die before reaching retirement age. Businesses can and should help their male staff take a more active role in their well …

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