Lockton, Your Student Accommodation Specialists

Lockton, your Student Accommodation Specialists

Lockton Global Real Estate & Construction’s approach to programme design and placement has a proven track record of exceptional results.

We challenge the insurance market, finding innovative ways to deliver the optimum programme for each client’s unique requirements.

424x480xstudentaccomadation We have the perfect environment to dovetail both the real estate and construction covers, from land acquisitions through development

How we can help

Bespoke policy wording covers for the needs of a student housing landlord

Efficient delivery powered by our ‘Asset’ system which stores, organises, and produces all the data relevant to the properties

ESG integrated solutions including a market leading climate offering

Clients are at the heart of our Lockton Claims Code. We tailor your claims process to function seamlessly, letting you know what will happen, when and why.

Comprehensive understanding of construction/ liability risks, offering meticulous service to ensure complex risks do not persist as balance sheet liabilities.

Surety solution services for construction and real estate-related bonds customisable to meet your specific requirements.

Lockton GREAC at a glance

Build new skill

Specialist Knowledge

Specialist real estate and construction sector experience

Lead Transformation

Online Efficiencies

IT and online systems that can bring efficiencies


Bespoke Policy Wording

Exclusive bespoke policy wording tailored to protect this Asset class

Make an impact

200+ skilled Associates

200+ dedicated skilled Partners and Associates within the team

Associate Resource Groups

Arrange Cover

Arrange cover for sums insured of over GBP 490 billion for global real estate assets

Make an impact

Market Lead

Market leading 98% client retention rate

Commitment to DEI


Disaster Day Training and Risk Management

Your Lifestyle


Over 100,000 student beds under placement around the world

Our Student Accommodation Specialists

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Sarah Penlington

Senior Vice President, Lockton
+44 7917 514 065

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Alex Fuller

Senior Vice President
+44 7950 203 183

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James Buddle

Assistant Vice President
+44 4790 123 4489

Placeholder image

Oliver Pearman

+44 7950 203 183

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We bring creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to the insurance business and are uniquely positioned to help you succeed.

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