Lockton's Energy Transition Practice is a dynamic global team that will work with you to navigate the complexities of the evolving energy landscape.

Energy Transition Insurance Practice

A dynamic global team ready to collaborate with you in navigating the complexities of the evolving energy landscape.

What is energy transition?

    Energy transition is the investment to move from conventional to sustainable sources and practices of energy production. This encompasses what we commonly refer to as renewable energy sources, including wind and solar, but also extends to more sustainable practices derived from traditional power generation such as oil and gas and includes some relatively unproven energy sources. If you are an energy producer, regardless of the generation method, you need to consider how the energy transition will impact your business and how insurance can protect you from the emerging risks.

    Sources of energy production


    Thermal power

    Gas turbines


    Gas & biofuels

    Including; biodiesel, liquified natural gas (LNG), Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) and anarobic digestion



    Ammonia systems


    Waste to energy

    Including; municipal gas and landfill gas


    Grid stabilisation

    Including; T&D liner, interconnectors and synchronised condensers



    Including; wind, solar, biomass, geothermal, pump storage, hydro and nuclear


    Carbon capture

    Capturing CO2 emissions



    Including salt cavern storage

    We can protect your balance sheet and shareholders against physical risk events by: Managing your risks at minimum costs, whether in respect to insurance costs or self-retained losses.

    • Achieving the best insurance coverage available for your project.
    • Establishing a robust claims management process to guaranteed minimal disruption to your business in the event of a claim.
    • Making projects bankable by providing fast turnaround times, competitive pricing and alternative risk transfer approaches to help finalise investments.
    • • Ensuring the satisfaction of your stakeholders, contractors, and lenders by confirming that adequate and contractually required insurances are in place, in compliance with insurance laws and regulations.
    • And providing cover for contingent risk events in the supply chain to enable financing to proceed.

    One solution in one place

    You can access comprehensive coverage and risk transfer solutions for your entire project through Lockton. You will be guided by a team of experts working together across lines of insurance to ensure you have full coverage, cradle to grave, all in one place

    Competitive pricing

    With Lockton’s significant experience and well-established relationships with specialist energy transition insurers, we are well placed to understand the market and its appetite for risk. In today’s busy marketplace it is even more important that Lockton aggressively profile’s our clients’ projects to insurers in a way to ensure we obtain the best conditions at the most competitive price. With our well-established Risk Advisory and Placement Services (RAPS) and our engineering team, we can analyse the project insurance risks and present key technical information to underwriters in a concise presentation, resulting in favourable terms and conditions.


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    Here to navigate you through the complexities of the evolving energy landscape.

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