CLIA European Summit: Panel discussion

Antonio Talarico, Managing Director Genoa/Naples and General Manager at Lockton P.L. Ferrari & Co. Italy, sits down for a discussion during the CLIA European summit with Kyle Lochridge, Vice President at Lockton P.L. Ferrari & Co. Miami and Jens Ringefelt, Senior Broker at Lockton Edge Group Norway.

The trio discuss highlights from the first ever European summit hosted by CLIA (Cruise Line Industry Association) which strives to progress initiatives such as sustainability, green energy and technology, future expansion of the cruise industry, new ports and terminals, new ports of call and other various items as the Mediterranean market continues to expand.

Topics included within the discussion:

  • What is the CLIA European Summit?

  • Why is the CLIA European Summit important? And how have you found this year’s conference?

  • How is the summit leading the way for environmental sustainability? And what is the cruise-line industry doing to support this?

  • How can insurers support sustainability efforts in the cruise line industry? What expectations should clients have of their brokers?

  • What is Lockton doing to protect cruise-line clients from prevailing risk landscape?