Can someone else drive my car? Understanding driver coverage

Although a situation where someone else will need to drive your car is unlikely, it isn’t impossible. Emergencies happen – you may need your partner to drive you to the hospital. Or maybe you’re taking a road trip, and want to share the driving load with a friend. Whatever the reason, you should ensure you stick to regulations, and don’t break any laws.

Here’s our guide on how someone else can drive your car:

Adding other drivers to your car

You likely insured your vehicle with you as the main driver. When going through the process, you may have opted to add a partner, spouse, or other specific people who will use the main car. This ensures that all named drivers are covered on the same, usually comprehensive, basis.

Alternatively, family fleet or ‘multicar’ policies cover multiple vehicles owned by the same household, and can be insured within a single policy. This might include vehicles used by children and staff, with all being named on the policy.

How cover works for people who are not named drivers

An unnamed driver would rely on the driving other cars (DOC) extension under their own policy, but in most cases, this will operate on a third-party only basis, meaning they will be covered for damage to other vehicles and injury to other people. Any damage to the car caused by the unnamed driver would not be insured by either their policy or your own, potentially leaving an expensive repair bill.

Specialist cover for other people to drive your car

Lockton’s specialist car insurance policy will name any drivers who live with you, which can include family members temporarily living or working away from your home address. Younger drivers, or those with a poor driving or claims record, may attract an increased premium or excess and, in some cases, cover may not be available.

Provided anyone else you want to drive your car is aged over 35 and holds a full driving licence, our policy will cover them automatically under the ‘Any Driver Over 35’ extension.

Lastly, it’s important to remember there are certain cars this will not be available for, including very valuable or extremely high-performance supercars and hypercars (opens a new window).

If you need further assistance, please visit our Performance (opens a new window) page, or contact our member of our team.

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