Safeguarding Claims Summit: Critical insights from the recent event.

Lockton and Finity present the Safeguarding Claims Summit report, a comprehensive guide to navigating the complex landscape of historical safeguarding claims in the broader community services sector.

About the Summit

In late 2023, Lockton and Finity hosted the Safeguarding Claims Summit to address the growing impact of historical safeguarding claims in the community services sector. Bringing together global thought leaders and experts, the half-day event aimed to share best practices, lessons learned, and actions for the broader community services sector.

What’s inside the report?

  • Explore crucial aspects that will empower your organisation:

  • Understand the abuse liability landscape in Australia and your organisation's role within it.

  • Navigate the legal framework surrounding safeguarding claims.

  • Effectively quantify and manage your organisation's exposure to safeguarding claims risks.

  • Best practices for abuse prevention and strategies to mitigate future risks.

  • Navigate the evolving insurance market landscape.

  • Explore alternative insurance solutions for a sustainable future.

Why download the report?

  • Comprehensive insights from global thought leaders.

  • Actionable strategies for risk mitigation.

  • Essential information on insurance market dynamics.

  • Guidance on cultivating a proactive organisational culture.

Download the full report to gain invaluable insights and actionable strategies on safeguarding for your organisation. Click the download button (located on the right for desktop users and at the bottom for mobile users) and fill out the form to access the report.

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Safeguarding Claims Summit: Key Takeaways