Food & Beverage Risk Watchlist: Managing Risk Before Insurance

Top 6 sector risks of concern to watch out for, hand-picked by our Food and Beverage
experts and clients.

Learn how the food and beverage industry can protect and mitigate emerging risks with Lockton’s Food & Beverage Risk Watchlist. Throughout the report, our findings examine key
considerations and methods to safeguard risk exposures.

The top risks (each risk and response will vary by sub-sector), are:

Employee risks:

  • Labour shortages – attracting and retaining talent.

  • Contract labour needs increasing – challenging availability and added costs.

  • Ongoing Covid-19-related absences.

  • Change in technology and re-skilling employees.

  • Ageing workforce and the need for next-gen workers.

  • The increasing cost of workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Worker-to-contract worker risk increasing and the insurance gap growing.

Supply chain risks:

  • Impact on operations from failure at any point in the supply chain.

  • Vulnerability of transport links.

  • Geo-political risks.

  • Lack of space on cargo ships/shipping container shortages.

  • Semi-conductor production shortages – highlights global pinch exists upstream.
    Pallet shortages.

  • Availability of key equipment/machines – increased lead times/delay.
    Reputation risk due to unchecked supplier/customer ESG failings.

Inflation risks:

  • Increasing costs of raw materials.

  • Equipment cost and longer lead time.

  • Financially vulnerable to customers/suppliers.

  • Energy costs pressure throughout the supply chain.

  • Spiralling labour expense adds to production cost – inability to pass all expenses onto customers.

  • Under-insurance risks.

Business interruption risks:

  • Loss of insurable profit following an insured property damage event.

  • Increased costs incurred post-loss to maintain supply or continue to service customers.

  • Loss of market share if businesses are unable to maintain an adequate supply.

  • Incorrect Indemnity Period – the time taken to get back to trading levels that exist at the time an insured loss occurs.

Climate change risks:

  • Increased energy costs.

  • Increased exposures to natural hazards such as floods and bushfires; including key supplier.

  • Base load supply concerns.

  • Net zero strategies and disruption.

  • Need for a well-considered ‘sense of purpose’ statement and ESG strategies.

Reputational Risks:

  • Contaminated products caused by production errors, undeclared ingredients or foreign bodies.

  • Mis-labelling and packaging errors – absence of allergens and incorrect use-by dates.

  • Malicious tamper or threats to contaminate products.

  • ESG concerns, e.g., modern slavery.

  • Vulnerable ESG statements.

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