Cyber checklist for high-performing boardrooms

Board members, whose plates are already full are also dealing with competing strategic risk challenges. With added cyber risk issues, the simple velocity of cyber risk can be difficult to initially understand, let alone stay across.

Leveraging this tool, boards can understand the questions which high-performing peers are asking.

Who is the checklist for?

This checklist is for boards, C-Suite executives and other key cyber-security decision-makers.

Utilising the checklist

  • This cyber boardroom checklist has been designed to guide boardroom conversations and to ensure the right questions are covered.

  • Customise the checklist to reflect your business's unique needs.

  • Use the checklist to ensure your boardroom conversations stay on top of the pressing cyber issues, rather than shifting the focus.

Stay ahead

Download the checklist to ensure your organisation is having the right cyber discussions and keeping on top of critical cyber issues and objectives.

Click the download button (located on the right for desktop users and at the bottom for mobile users) and fill out the form to access the report.

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Cyber checklist for high-performing boardrooms