Corporate Private Health Insurance: 2022 Trends Report

Find out the key trends impacting the corporate private health insurance landscape in 2022.

Who is the report for?

These trends are intended to inform HR, Benefits and Total Rewards leaders and organisations as they reconsider the way they view and engage with private health insurance programs to attract, engage and retain employees in 2022.

What’s in the report?

Lockton shares the seven key trends to keep an eye on, including:

  • Employers to transition from transactional health insurance providers to health partners

  • Employee financial distress: employers to play a greater role in providing private health insurance support for their employees

  • Employers to review employer subsidised private health insurance benefits post pandemic

  • Fully subsidising Gold Hospital Cover may become financially unsustainable for some employers

  • SMEs will have greater health and wellbeing and private health insurance support

  • Employee communication and engagement will be key

  • Designing a health program which maintains wellbeing and supports recovery

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Now is the time to challenge the market to ensure organisations are ahead of the curve and their peers in 2022. For more information, contact Carmine Cocca, National Manager - Private Health. E: M: 0459 153 420.

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Corporate Private Health Trends Report 2022