2023 Technology Sector Predictions and Insurance Implications

The adoption and reliance on technology by organisations is critical to business operations,
with the reliance only accelerated by the 2021/22 Pandemic.

2022 however, hit the sector hard - with unpredicted global economic shifts leading to mass redundancies across the sector.

Following last year's challenges, and those predicted for 2023, the sector will be under the spotlight this year with great anticipation around how tech will react to the new reality, and navigate this new risk landscape.

A sector synonymous with an ability to adapt to change organisations will have to reflect on the past few years to determine how they move forward and remain innovative and commercially viable, whilst appropriately managing their risk profile and exposure. Whilst the predicted challenging economic environment will provide fiscal challenges, the bigger issue for boards is how to keep energies focused on continuing to innovate, and in tandem reducing their risk exposure.

2023 will see the sector responding to the changing technology requirements of businesses and the social and regulatory expectations placed on them.

This year is anticipated to be a reset for the sector as it adjusts to its new normal. This report explores what the future holds for tech, and how these factors will impact the risk and insurance landscape.

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Six 2023 Technology Sector Predictions and Insurance Implications