2022 People Insurance Outperformance Report: Download now

With the costs of people risk insurances like workers’ compensation, salary continuance and group personal accident policies only increasing, this renewal season there will be winners and losers: those who outperform their peers and those who don’t.

That’s why Lockton’s experts have produced our inaugural 2022 People Insurance Outperformance Report, designed to help inform organisations so they can get the best outcomes possible.

This is not your typical insurance market update. The report includes actionable insights, lessons, case studies and practical renewal tips for success.

Who is the report for?

This report is most relevant for HR leaders, risk managers, CFOs and any professional with responsibility for people risk management.

What’s in the report?

Lockton shares insights on topics including:

• The Art of Underwriting Submissions and Moving Early

• Workers’ Compensation: Underwritten Jurisdictions

• Group Salary Continuance & Group Personal Accident

• Spotlight on Premium Funding

• Mastering Claims

• Closing the Deal: Action Plan

• Workers’ Compensation: Managed Fund Jurisdictions

Download now

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Put our insights to work

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2022 People Insurance Outperformance Report