Lockton’s involvement in your business extends far beyond the reinsurance placement. We help you maintain a business advantage. Our experts offer technical, strategic, analytical and statistical expertise and insight backed by many years of industry leading experience.

The future of reinsurance is here.

Lockton Re is pushing the industry forward with an unmatched commitment to client service and groundbreaking technology that helps optimize risk for your business.

Independence changes everything.

As a family-owned organization, we are not beholden to outside financial pressures and are free to focus on your success. Our unique entrepreneurial culture empowers our people to think creatively, move quickly, and deliver more innovative solutions—to help you understand, mitigate, and capitalize on risk.

Smarter technology that completely changes the game.

Lockton Re was born digital with a new, cutting-edge platform that allows us to take full advantage of data and analytics—bringing deeper insights to inform your decision-making—and delivering them with greater transparency and value.

Leadership from industry innovators.

The vision for Lockton Re is to provide a modern, agile reinsurance alternative that better serves client needs.