Reflecting on June 30, 2023: D&O Insights for Tomorrow

Understanding whether you've achieved the most optimal outcome for your insurance renewals can be quite challenging.

In this report, Lockton embarks on a journey to simplify the process of renewing your D&O insurance in New Zealand, making it easier to comprehend. We will explore the evolving landscape of insurance and delve into the finer points that lead to success with your D&O coverage.

To position you for the best possible outcome in your next renewal, our experts will provide actionable insights on Directors’ and Officers’ insurance. While there are numerous factors that can influence premiums, being well-prepared can enhance outcomes and mitigate insurance costs.

Lockton also acknowledges that organisations might have strategic D&O renewal dates that don't align with June 30. However, there's always something valuable to learn from industry peers and their recent experiences.

Examples of key takeaways from the report

  • Directors Facing Expanding Responsibilities: The evergrowing list of responsibilities spanning environmental, cyber, and employee domains is leaving directors more exposed to vulnerabilities.

  • Regulatory Vigilance Persists: Regulatory bodies maintain an active role, wielding increased
    power and sustained scrutiny over companies, directors, and their actions.

  • Insurers Adopt Higher Deductibles: Insurers have chosen to retain higher deductibles, especially concerning entity securities claims (Side C) coverage.

  • Global Competition on the Rise: International competition in the D&O market is intensifying, with heightened interest from global insurers, including Lloyd’s of London.

Be prepared for next time

Download the report to understand the future outlook of D&O renewals in New Zealand and read our expert guidance to help make informed decisions. Click the download button (located on the right for desktop users and at the bottom for mobile users).

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Reflecting on June 30, 2023: D&O Insights for Tomorrow