From early-years start-ups, to publically-listed names, Lockton’s dedicated fintech insurance practice provides impartial risk and insurance advice to businesses in the fintech sector. Leveraging decades of experience and a solid reputation in the insurance marketplace, we’ll help you transfer your risks with competitive, agile cover that responds the moment you need it.

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What we bring to your business

  • An exclusive ‘Lockton Pioneers Protection’ policy wording which includes industry specific policy enhancements, combining separate policy coverages into one streamline solution

  • Lockton’s global presence provides us with an enhanced regulatory oversight, and the ability to service your account where you wish to grow

  • Our policies are tailored to help alleviate the regulatory pressures such as the minimum Professional Indemnity Insurance requirements stipulated by the PSD2 Directive

  • Our knowledge spans across the entirety of the sector ranging from peer to peer lending and challenger banks, to Web3 and digital assets

  • Independent benchmarking of levels of cover, premiums and retentions

  • A roadmap to your insurable journey wherever you are; from idea to beyond

What we cover

  • Professional Indemnity (including Technology Errors & Omissions)

  • Directors and Officers Liability

  • Cyber Liability

  • Theft/Crime

  • Intellectual Property

  • Client Fund Safeguarding

  • Employee Benefits such as Keypersons

  • Business Travel Insurance

  • Office Insurance

  • Other risk management solutions

“Lockton has guided and supported us from our early days as an aspiring bank all the way through to today. The team's knowledge of the fintech insurance sector has helped us to navigate the changing market and source optimal insurance solutions"

Founder and CEO of Starling Bank

Anne Boden

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Fintech Insurance FAQs

As a Fintech it is important to have specialist insurance cover as typical financial services sector policies do not provide the full scope of cover that is required by Fintech’s.

A comprehensive Fintech Insurance policy will often combine several covers such as Professional Indemnity, Directors and Officers Liability, Crime and Cyber under one policy. This ensures that there is no gap in coverage which could leave you exposed to potential claims.

We tailor your insurance program to best suit your business aims and objectives as Fintech insurance is not a ‘one size fits all’ science. We work with our clients to understand their exposures and engineer a programme to mitigate these risks and provide solutions to give them the certainty they require.

We would suggest that you consider:

  • Professional Indemnity (PI)

  • Directors and Officers Liability (D&O)

  • Cyber Liability

  • Theft/Crime

  • Intellectual Property (IP)

  • Employee Benefits

Your Fintech programme should be designed to support your business growth as you expand, whether you are fintech start-up or are more established company looking to grow globally. We also look for ways to proactively support our clients by bolstering your policy with benefits to help you attract talent, ease regulatory concerns and support your business growth.

As well as the core covers provided under a Fintech policy, you may also require additional insurances such as Key Persons, Employer’s Liability and Travel which Lockton can service inhouse.

Our specialist Fintech team work with you to understand your risk profile to establish your demands and needs.

We undertake a data capture in order to collate the information required to discuss your risk with insurers. Once we believe we have created the best solution for your requirements we will present this to you with a detailed overview of the work we have undertaken.

Lockton has strong relationships with all the established insurers in the Fintech sector and works with only those with an excellent claim payment reputation.

Lockton’s Fintech Practice brings together industry specialists across the financial service sector who have experience in servicing clients from start-ups to unicorn status.

Our global footprint enables us to service our client’s globally including arranging local policies when required by local regulator or jurisdiction, so you only have to deal with one broker.

Lockton’s exclusive ‘DNA for Fintech’ policy wording provides enhanced coverages specifically aimed to provide additional comfort for risks pertinent to the fintech sector. We have extensive relationships with key members of the FinTech industry ranging from major venture capitalists, lawyers and regulatory bodies. We pass on the knowledge we accumulate to our clients to ensure that we can help support them throughout their journey.

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