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Real Estate Transactional Risk Insurance

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Real specialists in Real Estate

Our team has more than 50 years of combined experience (as brokers, underwriters and corporate lawyers) working on corporate real estate transactions across the world. Whoever you speak to on our team, you will find an expert.

Whatever your next project, we have experience in the field

We have worked on transactions across a large range of real estate sectors, including office, logistics, healthcare, retail, municipal and residential properties. We work on the side of investors and sellers, planners and developers -  with a detail-oriented approach that comes from our extensive knowledge of real estate.

A bespoke policy for every project

Our specialists work closely with every client - your advisors, as well as your M&A insurers - to devise innovative and entirely bespoke transactional risk insurance. We will help you plan your projects to reduce exposure, and expedite investment working closely with our Global Real Estate and Construction (GREAC) team, providing seamless coverage for your project.

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Our industry leading offering:

We look beyond off-the-peg coverage - conducting our own research and using our extensive experience to provide comprehensive coverage, identifying complex risks and supporting you in accessing novel insurance markets.

Our global team is made up of Real Estate specialists, including corporate lawyers, underwriters, and brokers. Together, we are fast and meticulous - devising bespoke policies, using our excellent contacts and market access.

Our team specialises in Real Estate, but we work closely with the Lockton network - ensuring that if we need an expert in Transactional Liabilities, Contingent and Litigation Risk or any other areas, we have someone close at hand.

We scrutinise and analyse every aspect of your property deal to help you get a better understanding of the risks you face.  

Our industry overview means we can share a broader perspective on your Real Estate transactions - helping you understand your ongoing operational risks and the full spectrum of your corporate risk.   

Real Estate Transactional Risk Insurance covered by our team:

Our experience and network spans the whole of the Real Estate industry, as well as those supplying it.   

  • Real Estate Warranty and Indemnity (W&I) Insurance 

  • Condition of Asset Insurance 

  • Real Estate Development Insurance 

  • New Breach Cover 

  • Certificate of Title Top-up Insurance 

  • Title Insurance 

  • Synthetic Warranty Cover 

  • Real Estate Secondaries Cover 

  • Affirmative Tax Cover 

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Real Estate Transactional Risks Insurance FAQs

With over 50 years of combined experience, Lockton's Transactional Risks Real Estate team has the expertise to identify, assess, and effectively manage complex risks throughout the real estate transaction process. Our team of corporate lawyers, underwriters and brokers work closely with you, your advisors, and M&A insurers to structure and place innovative, bespoke transactional risk insurance solutions tailored to your specific needs. This allows you to confidently navigate the complexities of real estate deals, minimise potential losses, and enhance investor returns.

Our team has extensive experience in a wide range of real estate transactions, including single asset deals, portfolios, and development projects across a large range of sectors, such as office, logistics, healthcare, retail, leisure/hospitality, student housing, and residential properties. Whether you are an institutional real estate investor, investment manager, private equity fund, sovereign wealth fund, pension fund, joint venture, or international developer, Lockton can provide you with the tailored expertise and risk mitigation solutions you need.

Our team offers a wide range of transactional risk insurance products and services, including:

  • W&I Insurance

  • Condition of Assets Cover

  • Real Estate Development Cover

  • Interim (New) Breach Cover

  • Secondaries and Fund Wrapper Insurance

  • Contingent and Litigation Risk Insurance

  • Title Insurance

  • Certificate of Title Top-up Cover Insurance

By providing a full range of transactional risk insurance products and services, Lockton can help you mitigate risks, facilitate deal execution, and enhance your investment returns.

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