Our experience of working with major private equity firms globally has enabled us to develop best-in-class solutions. We have experts across an array of sectors including, Energy & Infrastructure, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, and more, to provide the best results for our clients


Portfolio Solutions

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Leading insurance solutions for private equity clients and their portfolio companies

Our experience of collaborating with major private equity firms globally has empowered us to develop best-in-class solutions. We have a team with expertise across an array of sectors including, Energy and Infrastructure, Retail, Healthcare, Real Estate, and more, ensuring optimal outcomes.

Our global offering

Our global network of offices seamlessly integrates experts across the globe, ensuring support for your portfolio, wherever you invest. Distance is no obstacle. We bridge continents with a unified strategy and deep sector knowledge, driving success for your portfolio.

Your goal is our driving force

We create a competitive marketplace that drives down premium levels, enhances insurance coverage, and provides access to industry-leading risk management expertise. This creates an environment conducive to achieving the best possible results for our clients.


Our industry leading offering

We aggregate your portfolio’s premiums, enabling us to drive down insurance costs and broaden coverage by engaging insurers to take a holistic view on your individual policies.

Each of our private equity clients has a portfolio manager working alongside the servicing team. This ensures a comprehensive environment while also maintaining the necessary details for each portfolio company.

All private equity clients are unique; we provide bespoke portfolio solutions tailored to your individual needs. Whether focused on a specific sector of your investments or aggregating a whole portfolio, we will ensure that a variety of options are considered to determine the best fit.

No matter how diverse our clients’ portfolios are, we have first-class experience in all sectors and lines of insurance. Our portfolio solutions team is there to connect the dots and ensure the right people are involved.

We are involved in the full transaction lifecycle to support our clients. From the due diligence phase, Warranty and Indemnity coverage, to post acquisition with construction or operational insurances, we will ensure a seamless process.

Public Offering of Securities Insurance

Whenever a company raises capital via listed securities, they must issue a prospectus outlining future financial projections and business goals. We are able to offer Public Offering of Securities Insurance (POSI) which protects against potential liabilities for up to six years, related to these forward-looking statements in the prospectus or investor presentations. It covers both initial and secondary offerings, including debt and equity.

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Portfolio Solutions FAQs

Lockton utilises its extensive connections and relationships with market-leading insurers to drive down costs through skilled negotiation. This strategic approach involves insurers taking a holistic view of the portfolio's individual policies, fostering a comprehensive understanding that contributes to more favourable terms and pricing.

Lockton specialises in tailoring portfolio solutions to address the unique needs of each client. Our Portfolio Managers use advanced analytics to facilitate data-driven decision-making, optimising portfolio outcomes. With a proven track record, Lockton consistently achieves cost savings and provides comprehensive coverage, distinguishing our portfolio solutions within the competitive landscape of the London Market.

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