A business’s branding assets and innovations can represent an important part of its value. Understand and protect IP, with the help of our specialist team.


Intellectual Property Risks Solutions

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Navigate Intellectual Property Risks and Opportunities with Confidence

A business’s branding assets and innovations can represent an important part of its value. Understand and protect your intellectual property, with the help of our specialist team.

A specialist intellectual property team

Intellectual property assets can provide a key value proposition and strategic advantage for many businesses. Our experts will advise you on strategies and products to help you mitigate intellectual property risks. We have invested in the technology and talent to identify, assess and structure tailored risk transfer solutions for all kinds of intellectual property risks.

Tailored insurance products for every problem

Bespoke products are important for when intellectual property risks are complex with potentially costly and disruptive outcomes. Our specialists have created products and solutions that are tailored to each and every type of intellectual property risk.


Unlocking value in transactions:

We are a trusted risk-advisory partner for a wide range of intellectual property experts, including trademark and patent attorneys, intellectual property valuers and brokers, intellectual property data tech providers and M&A specialists.

We work closely with venture capital, private equity houses, corporates and individual sellers who use our solutions to take more calculated risk when making investments, acquisitions or disposals, especially where intellectual property assets are key. Our products and solutions can be used to help resist price chips, reduce or eliminate the impacts of indemnities and held back sale proceeds, or otherwise provide comfort when an intellectual property risk has been identified and needs to be mitigated.

Our products can cover complex risks. They include insurance solutions for distressed intellectual property asset sales, where recourse against a seller may be non-existent or limited; ‘pure’ intellectual property asset sales and purchases, where limited disclosure may be offered and limited due diligence may be undertaken. We also cover identified intellectual property risks including - but not limited to:

  • Gaps in title or other questions over ownership

  • Question marks over validity of registered intellectual property rights

  • Identified third party infringement risks

  • Non-compliance/breaches of licence agreements or otherwise; and Risks in connection with the exploitation – or failure to exploit – intellectual property rights.

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Intellectual Property Risk Solutions FAQs

Whilst we will consider all sectors, we have a particular focus on sectors where R&D and intellectual property rights are fundamental including: life sciences, advanced industrials, consumer technology and products, deep tech, AI, fashion, and interactive entertainment.

Yes, we can provide a specialist form of Warranty and Indemnity (W&I) Insurance suited to intellectual property asset sales and purchases, but with special enhancements to protect both buyer and seller. Our comprehensive coverage extends to various aspects of intellectual property, ensuring a secure transaction process.

We can help tailor a solution for any problem. Such risks can include infringement of third party intellectual property, gaps in title to intellectual property, copyleft exposure in software, or any identified fact pattern which could result in the invalidation of an intellectual property right. Our coverage encompasses a wide range of intellectual property concerns, providing peace of mind for various potential risks.

We are able to provide solutions in relation to all types of intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademarks, utility models and utility patents, design rights and design patents, and confidential information/trade secrets.

Diligencing IP assets and risk can be a complicated exercise and can entail freedom to operate and clearance searches, risk landscaping, provenance and title enquiries, prior art and prior use searching, open source diligence, and more. We can help guide you on the type of diligence that may be required to obtain cover for a particular issue, and where possible we will use our in-house expertise and technology to assist. Our goal is to facilitate a thorough due diligence process to ensure comprehensive coverage for potential intellectual property issues.

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