Our team of specialist Fine Art brokers are passionate about art and cultural heritage and understand the importance of insurance to our clients, whether it is for an art business, a private collection or public institutions. Do you need help arranging fine art insurance cover?


Fine Art Insurance

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Protection for the most unique of assets – specialist fine art insurance

Do you need help arranging cover for your collection loans to Museums or Galleries? We will arrange exhibitions cover for you and work with Government Indemnity Schemes where required.

Do you need help finding a reputable packer and shipper, restorer or fine art storage location? We have an established network of contacts and we can provide guidance where required.

As a client of Lockton Art you can take advantage of our proven track record as we facilitate a fast, efficient and comprehensive insurance arrangement for you. Our team has an excellent reputation with the specialist art insurers and this helps us to ensure that we are able to provide you with a high level of service and a timely response to your questions and enquiries.

What we cover

We have established comprehensive all risks insurance covers, to meet the needs of our clients, including, but not limited to:

  • Art and antique dealers

  • Private collections of art, antiques, jewellery and all other collectibles

  • Artists and artists' studios

  • Exhibitions including nail to nail worldwide transits

  • Museum collections

  • Corporate fine art collections

  • Art restorers and conservators

  • Auction houses

  • Musical instruments and orchestras

  • Contents of historical houses

  • University libraries and collections

  • Art investment funds

  • Classic cars

Other policy extensions to consider

The Art insurance market is diverse and provides opportunities for a wide range of insurance products related to the insurance of art objects, as well as the movement and storage of art and the requirements of art businesses and art institutions. Some of these include:

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Cyber & Technology insurance

  • Directors & Officers Insurance

  • Trustee Liability insurance

  • Travel & Personal Accident

Fine art insurance wholesale solutions

Accessing both the London and worldwide (re)insurance markets, our team of fine art insurance experts provide bespoke insurance programmes to protect irreplaceable, valuable, and precious works of art.

We appreciate art items or collections have a specific set of unique risks. With a global reputation and key relationships amongst fine art insurance underwriters, we will craft a tailored policy to meet the unique needs of art, protecting it with a level of certainty and confidence. For wholesale insurance solutions, please contact our specialist fine art and specie insurance team below.

Fine Art FAQs

Fine art insurance is specialist insurance providing ‘all-risks’ cover for the physical loss or damage to art works. Art works typically include pictures, sculptures, furniture, antiques, porcelain and works of art of every description.

The fine art insurance cover will normally include the costs of restoration and any depreciation in value following a loss.

If you are purchasing high value works of art, or you already hold a specialist collection, you will require fine art insurance to protect the collection and provide cover for the costs of restoration and any resulting depreciation in value. Fine art insurance will cover the art in situ, in storage and/or whilst in transit worldwide.

Accidental damage is most likely to happen whilst art works are in transit. However, when storing art works, collectors should also ensure  that climatic conditions are stable, and the risks of fire and flood are well controlled.

Private collectors who purchase works at auction and/or from art dealers will require worldwide cover including protection whilst in storage. Private collectors and owners would benefit from having a specialist private art collectors’ insurance.  Art dealers typically require cover for stock, transits, art fairs, office contents, buildings and glass, business interruption and liabilities, all under a single policy. This can be extended to include ancillary covers such as terrorism, defective title, and fair cancellation cover.

Our fine art team have been arranging specialist art insurance for over 25 years. Our art team is made up of industry experts who have an in depth understanding of the different types of covers, as well as leading relationships with specialist insurers who provide the art insurance buyer and dealers require.

As a client of ours, you can take advantage of Lockton being the largest independently owned brokerage in the world. This independence ensures we have the freedom to act on our art client’s behalf, as we facilitate a fast, efficient and comprehensive insurance arrangement for the art collection. Our team has an excellent reputation with the specialist art insurers, enabling us to devise insurance programmes that are tailored for your collections risk exposures and ultimately provide you with peace of mind, should there be a loss.

Fine Art Insurance Team

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James Ferrer

Head of Fine Art
+44 207 933 1501

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David Solomons

Head of Business Development and Marketing
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