The corporate risks team provides access to worldwide markets benefiting our clients through our unique structure . We listen and understand our clients’ challenges and then choose the most competitive market both in terms of breadth and certainty of coverage at competitive pricing.


Corporate Risks

Access to worldwide markets

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Benefiting our clients through our unique structure

The corporate risks team provides access to worldwide markets. We listen and understand our clients’ challenges, then choose the most competitive market both in terms of breadth and certainty of coverage at competitive pricing.

Our team of experienced partners and associates has no other corporate responsibilities and is therefore focused solely on our clients and their needs. Our clients have direct access to our most senior people who personally look after corporate challenges, placement obstacles, or claims management. This approach has enabled them to nurture long-term relationships with both their clients and insurer partners alike.

Lockton’s status as a Limited Liability Partnership is critical to the service provided. Our people have a substantial stake in our firm and therefore care passionately about their performance. The firm also invests more of its profits back into our business as we do not have to satisfy the demands of shareholders and analysts.

Throughout the Lockton Global network, account teams are able to deliver complex, large-scale programmes that respond intelligently to both corporate and regional needs. Lockton has people on the ground where it matters to act on our clients’ behalf with relevant local knowledge and relationships.

Our teams of wording experts are engaged to analyse our client’s risk exposures to ensure that their insurance programme is fit for purpose and that the wording is tailored and responds appropriately to their risk profile.

Our services

We will identify and engage with all appropriate markets targeting the key decision makers at each insurer to:

  • Create innovative program designs

  • Ensure your business, key messages and objectives are comprehensively conveyed to the underwriters in order to develop strong market relationships

  • Positively challenge both new and incumbent markets to provide competitive terms 

  • Drive the process with clear and concise program options 

  • Provide efficient & effective claims handling - because there is no insurance policy so expensive as one that does not pay claims

  • Wording reviews

We provide placement services across the major insurance classes of:

  • Property and business interruption

  • Primary and excess liability 

  • Motor and employers’ liability, in the UK and their global equivalents 

  • Machinery breakdown & contractors plant & equipment

  • Natural catastrophe perils (wind/flood/earthquake)

  • Political violence, sabotage & terrorism

  • Alternative risk transfer including captives and parametric triggers


Our experience covers a wide range of industries including:

  • Agriculture

  • Assisted living

  • Banking & financial institutions

  • Civil works & infrastructure

  • Food & drink 

  • Hospitals & care homes

  • Hotels

  • Industrial/Manufacturing/chemical

  • Media, high tech & semi-cons

  • Recycling

  • Retail

  • Commodity traders

  • Transportation & logistics

  • Utilities & telecommunications

Global Marketing & Placement

Our marketing approach centres around four basic principles:

1)         Developing first-class underwriting submissions: Lockton will present your risks in context and market them in the most positive way to insurers. By fully understanding your business and risk profile we are able to differentiate our clients from the many other submissions underwriters see.

2)         Involving you: We understand that no one knows your operations and your risk management philosophy better than you. We actively encourage key stakeholders from across your business to meet with insurers. Building insurers’ understanding of the risk management procedures that you currently have in place is key in negotiations. With a more detailed understanding of your activities, insurers gain a greater appreciation for your business and in many cases, this will be reflected in coverage and pricing.

3)         Negotiating directly with key decision makers at insurers: Our marketing discussions are held directly with insurance company senior management regardless of territory. These contacts promote meaningful communication across underwriting teams and a true commitment by all parties to effective long-term partnerships.

4)         Leveraging existing relationships: We do not encourage our clients to remarket every year or to solely chase the lowest premium. We actively encourage a partnership approach whereby long-standing relationships can be leveraged when issues or disputes arise.

Corporate Risks Contacts

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Tim Pritchard

Partner, P&C Retail

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James Pryke

Partner, Retail Property & Casualty
+44 0 20 7933 2895

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Canham Ian

Property & Casualty

Placeholder image

Debbie Day, ACII

Partner, Head of Birmingham Office
+44 0 121 232 4555

Placeholder image

Matt Davies

Head of Lockton North, Manchester
+44 0161 828 3302

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Andrea Bondin

Account Manager

Placeholder image

Gordan Duncan

Partner & Head of Corporate, Scotland
+44 141 226 8777

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