Webinar Recording | Load Security

The Lockton Motor practice recently held the latest in the Motor Webinar Series on load security and the transferring of the risk from the warehouse to the road.

Commercial vehicle load security continues to be high on the agenda for the DVSA and HSE when carrying out road side checks. Figures would suggest the enforcement authorities are right in targeting this problem, as there are thousands of prohibition notices issued every year for load security issues, despite the majority of fleet operators stating they secure their loads properly every time.

One area that provides numerous load security incidents each year for fleet operators, which they have little control over, is where trailers are loaded by a third party. This is commonplace within the pallet networks, as an example, and a poorly loaded trailer will automatically transfer the risk from the warehouse to the road.  Although the enforcement authorities continue to work on revising and updating guidance on load security, numerous risks remain for the fleet operator, their drivers and all other road users. 

This interactive training session will give a light touch introduction in to the world of load security and includes:

  • Current legislation

  • The role of the enforcement authorities and their investigation processes

  • Training of all warehouse/driving staff in all aspects of loading/unloading and stowage

  • Risk assessments of the loading/unloading process

  • The use of the correct load restraints/securing devices and their proper use

  • Driver training on the security of the load during transit

  • How load security incidents can be prevented