New UK terrorism bill includes severe sanctions, penalties

The new Terrorism Draft Bill currently going through the UK legislative process introduces enhanced accountability for the safety and security of public venues and establishes a new legal bar for negligence in the mitigation of terrorism risks. The changed responsibilities will also affect insurance coverage. 

A recent UK Terrorism Draft Bill, commonly referred to as Martyn's Law, will result in significant alterations to scrutiny and accountability standards regarding the safety and security of public venues.

This bill sets a heightened legal benchmark for addressing terrorism risks by imposing fresh obligations on public venues to prevent safety and security negligence. The revised responsibilities will not only exert increased pressure on organisations, but profoundly impact insurance coverage.

In our latest article, Lockton’s War, Terrorism, Political Violence and Casualty Insurance experts comprehensively explore the bill, discussing those likely to be impacted, roles and responsibilities, necessary enforcement within a terrorism evaluation, severe sanctions and penalties, and the expected changes to insurance coverage.

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