New Community and Partnerships Curator supported by Lockton appointed at Tate Britain to engage local communities.

Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance broker, is pleased to announce its further support of Tate Britain, the renowned art institution. In partnership since October 2022, not only does Lockton’s support enable Tate Britain to deliver an annual exhibition, Lockton has expanded its partnership to support the gallery’s community programme for a further two years. This collaboration is a testament to the shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, as well as a commitment to serving all communities.

Through Lockton and Tate’s partnership, Lockton’s support enables a newly created role of Community and Partnerships Curator at Tate Britain. The curator will be responsible for strengthening relationships with local community members and organisations, enabling opportunities for people to encounter art in new ways. This includes facilitating engagement with the Tate collection on display at Tate Britain, as well as delivering programmes, spaces, and resources in the gallery. This initiative aligns with Tate's commitment to inclusivity and accessibility, ensuring that Tate Britain is open and accessible to all.

The Community and Partnerships Curator will work on a series of new and existing projects which engage local audiences. This includes Community Private Views enabling access to exhibitions in the gallery, Sunday Socials providing free drop-in afternoons for people of all ages to enjoy live performances and music in response to art on display at Tate Britain, and programmes which support local organisations to utilising Tate Britain for their own creative projects.

Always driven by making art accessible to all, Tate Britain runs numerous community initiatives which include something for everyone. In addition to the Community and Partnerships Curator role, Lockton is proud to support the continuation of a free community programme for families, Story Space.

Story Space helps everyone to see themselves reflected in the books they read, featuring a collection of books by authors from a diverse range of backgrounds and identities. Through storytelling and activities, it provides a welcoming and inclusive space for families to read, imagine, play, and create. By providing such opportunities for engagement and representation, Lockton supports Tate in creating a more inclusive and accessible cultural landscape.

EJ Hentenaar, CEO of Lockton Europe, commented “We are proud to be expanding our partnership with Tate to support their community programme and the appointment of the new Community and Partnerships Curator. This collaboration aligns perfectly with our commitment to serving the communities in which we operate. The new Community and Partnerships Curator role embodies our mission to foster greater cultural awareness and contribute to Tate's mission of making art accessible and inclusive for all. Together, we can make an even greater, positive impact on the communities we serve.”

Alex Farquharson, Director at Tate Britain, said, “We are incredibly grateful to Lockton for their support of Tate Britain and our communities, rooting our partnership in the heart of Tate’s mission to promote community engagement and access to art for all. Our partnership is based on long term commitment and truly demonstrable shared values of access, diversity and inclusion, and is crucial in helping us to engage local audiences with all that we do in the gallery. Our sincere thank you to all at Lockton.”