Empowered people today for a better tomorrow

Environmental responsibility, social impact and corporate governance (ESG) considerations play an important role in how we approach our business and our culture at Lockton, and what makes Lockton stand apart is also what makes us better: independence.   

The components of ESG are not new to us — in fact, many elements of an ESG strategy are reflected in the philosophies we abide by every day. A group representing Lockton’s senior and regional leadership, product line leaders, and experts across the globe came together to formally explore all areas of our business and the steps we have taken to ensure we operate responsibly and ethically while staying true to our independent culture and empowered business model. 

Our commitment to our clients, our people and our communities gives us the unique opportunity to define who we are and what we are engaged in. And it empowers our people to take ownership across these three categories to drive a sustainable business.   

We are pleased to share our ESG report. This report profiles our core principles around ESG and highlights examples of how our people and teams are working around the world to advance our collective impact. 

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