Lockton Thailand Announces Key Promotions to Drive Future Success

Lockton, the world’s largest independent insurance brokerage, is pleased to announce two important promotions from within the organization. Effective from 1 May 2024, Suradee Malaiarisoon, Senior Director Major Accounts, will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer, Lockton Thailand, while Julio Camanag, Director Major Accounts, will be appointed as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Lockton Thailand.

As Chief Executive Officer, Suradee will be responsible for the overall business operations and performance of Lockton Thailand. She will work closely with all Business Units (BU) and Support Units (SU), providing strategic guidance and ensuring alignment with corporate objectives. Suradee will play a pivotal role in corporate planning, setting business targets, and managing company budgets. Additionally, she will collaborate with the Board of Directors and Lockton offices worldwide to drive inter-company cooperation and strengthen administrative processes.

In his role as Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Julio will support Suradee in discharging her duties, particularly in the areas of business development and client retention. Leveraging his expertise in reinsurance, Julio will work closely with front-line units to enhance client servicing standards and generate new revenue opportunities. Together, Suradee and Julio will foster a culture of teamwork and collaboration throughout the organization, while also prioritizing employee relations, recruitment, and training. They will actively promote Lockton Thailand as the "employer of choice" and strive to maintain the company's reputation as the best place to work.

Suradee and Julio are both well-respected individuals within Lockton, having made significant contributions to the company's growth and success. Suradee, with 30 years of experience at Lockton, has a deep understanding of the organization and its clients. Her journey at Lockton Thailand began in 1994 as an Account Executive, and she has since risen through the ranks to lead the Major Accounts unit. Julio, with 10 years of experience, has proven to be a key player and a catalyst for positive change within the company. Together, they have transformed Major Accounts into the top revenue earner for Lockton Thailand.

Mr. Wattana Wongvisesnopakun, the current Executive Chairman, will continue to guide and counsel the company to ensure the achievement of its business objectives. He will focus his efforts on enhancing customer care and relationships, working closely with clients of all sizes to develop new business opportunities. In addition, Mr. Wattana Wongvisesnopakun will actively participate in the recruitment and development of young talent, as well as identify potential acquisition opportunities to further strengthen Lockton Thailand's market position.

Lockton Thailand is excited about the future prospects under the leadership of Suradee Malaiarisoon as Chief Executive Officer and Julio Camanag as Deputy Chief Executive Officer. Their combined expertise and dedication will undoubtedly propel the company to new heights.