Lockton Singapore Commentary published for The Business Times on Gender Equality

SINGAPORE - The Business Times which covers latest business & financial news, have published our Regional Head of Benefits, APAC, Rachael Tay (opens a new window) comments on "Will new work norms such as the rise of hybrid working and work-from-home help improve gender equality at the workplace?" in this week’s edition of Views from the Top – both online and print versions. Rachael’s comment is also the first on the list – which is highly commendable.

Please find the link to the article at https://www.businesstimes.com.sg/views-from-the-top/gender-parity-is-critical-to-success-in-business (opens a new window) but kindly note that this column is behind paywall.

Rachael's commentary quote as below:

Rachael Tay

Regional Head of Benefits, APAC Lockton

"Gender equality in the workplace varies by profession. Some are constrained by the availability of relevant talent, while other professions could effectively expand gender parity by embracing greater diversity in hiring and more inclusive managerial practices. That said, policies like hybrid working arrangements and WFH do go some way to rebalance the burden of household and care duties and contribute towards improved gender quality. However, we have more deep-rooted social, cultural and economic issues than flexible work arrangements to tackle in order to make significant strides when it comes to gender equality, but every step helps."