Lockton Companies supports front-line efforts in Ukraine as conflict escalates

Lockton remains deeply concerned about the ongoing conflict in Ukraine and stands in solidarity with the Ukrainian people in these devastating times. We are committed to the people and communities in which we live and work, including Ukraine and its neighboring countries as they are faced with an escalating humanitarian crisis.

In support of the citizens of Ukraine, Lockton has made an initial $150,000 global donation through Lockton Cares to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Lockton is also kicking off an internal campaign to provide ongoing support because so many of our people have asked how they can help. The ICRC, along with its partners, are on the ground in Ukraine and its neighboring countries supporting the immediate and long-term needs of Ukrainian citizens.

“Lockton stands with the Ukrainian people. Lockton stands on the side of freedom,” said Peter Clune, CEO, Lockton. “We have deep admiration for President Zelensky’s leadership and passion as he stands with his people, for his country and against oppression. As a reflection of our caring culture, Lockton’s people are coming together to aid in the support of the more than million people displaced by these events.”

The ICRC is dedicated to reuniting separated families, providing food and household items to those who have been displaced, delivering emergency water supplies to communities, supporting health facilities with additional supplies and equipment, and continuing to provide humanitarian aid to vulnerable populations. More information on the ICRC and its ongoing support of Ukraine, as well as ways you can donate, can be found here (opens a new window).

In addition to financial support, Lockton continues to abide by all political and legal sanctions put in place in response to the conflict.

As the crisis evolves, our response and ongoing support for Ukraine, its people, communities and our impacted clients will as well.