Lockton Re analytics is able to put metrics in context with user intuitive and efficient interfaces making them accessible to decision makers from all backgrounds in real time.


Analytics and Modeling

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Turning data in decisions

Outsourced actuarial, financial and modeling expertise, providing client advocacy and serving as an extension of your team. Our proprietary approach ensures the best decisions are made.

The more prevalent data becomes, the more analytically based decisions can set a company apart from its competition - not only understanding financial metrics, but also which are most important, and how they should be framed. Lockton Re analytics uses a library of key metrics as well as providing for user directed financial metrics. As part of the SAGE decision making framework, understanding the benefits of different risk transfer options is provided with intuitive and efficient interfaces, which makes them accessible to decision makers from all backgrounds in real time. This makes typical “actuarial only” modeling accessible to anyone, providing unprecedented transparency and efficiency to better inform your decision making.

What Lockton Re Analytics brings to your business:

  • Tailored metrics presented in a simple and transparent method to facilitate complex business decisions

  • Calculated reinsurance impact in real-time as market options adjust

  • Digital wallet of program structures to document options considered as well as final selections

  • Easy to configure benchmarking metrics to evaluate financial metrics against peers as well as overtime

  • Actuarial Advocacy during the reinsurance placement process

  • Digital connection with markets to facilitate more options

  • Evaluation of internal pricing and allocation methodology

  • Annual SRQ and rating agency evaluation support

Introducing SAGE – democratized analytics.

Lockton Re's SAGE leverages the most modern technologies to create a unique analytics platform.  Never before can any risk structure imaginable be created without the need for in-depth training or an actuarial background.  SAGE has become a one stop shop for the presentation of Lockton Re analytics in a digestible format that gives companies an easy way to organize all of their risk information transparently.  The platform is not only cutting edge, but always evolving through interactions with our clients to become everything they'll need when considering their reinsurance needs.  It is a one-of-its-kind collaboration platform allowing, cedants, brokers, and markets to connect seamlessly, under the direction of the party transferring risk.

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Claude Yoder

Global Analytics Leader
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Chris Parish

Market Innovation Leader

“We’ve created a cutting-edge digital platform. Building a new, state-of-the-art technology platform from the ground up which frees us from the constraints of legacy architecture, and allows us to innovate with everything from analytics to client service.”

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