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About Vanbreda Risk & Benefits

    Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has been a leading insurance adviser to entrepreneurs in the Netherlands for over 160 years. Unconstrained by and independent of insurance companies, we serve only a single interest: yours. That was our goal when the company was founded in 1856 and it has made us the international leader we are today.

    We take the role of insurance adviser extremely seriously. Good advice requires insight into your specific risk profile and insurance needs, as well as integral oversight of the full range of potential coverage. We will work with you to find the optimum balance between risks and costs. Providing advice is a continuous process. This is why we take a proactive approach to keeping you informed of any and all developments that are relevant to your insurance policies and risk profile. And of course, our Risk team will be happy to speak with you should any questions arise.

    And if we can't find the optimum balance in an existing product? We will create it ourselves. This is made possible by leveraging our strong negotiating position with insurance companies. But also by making use of our expertise and network in order to realise a bespoke solution for and with you, the client.

    Vanbreda can offer advice with regard to all manner of insurance products in order to protect your possessions, your employees and your capital. This enables us to offer comprehensive coverage to meet your insurance needs while maintaining oversight of all aspects. Which is, of course, the most straightforward and convenient option for you.

    Our expertise

    Industry Expertise

    Hotels, Production Industry, Food, Medical, Retail, Architects and Lawyers

    Coverage Expertise

    General Liability, Marine, Property, Financial Lines and Fleet

    Employee Benefits Expertise and Coverage

    Pension Consultancy, Sickleave, Disability, Medical Expenses and Accident

    Additional Services Provided

    Health and Safety Service, Risk Management and Claims Handling

    A global partnership with a local approach

    Around the world, the Lockton Global Partnership helps multinational companies protect their people, property, and reputations. Simply, reliably and at pace.

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    Key Team


    International Director
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    De Kroon

    Commercial Director, Pension, Health & Income
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    Employee Benefits

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    We bring creative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit to the insurance business and are uniquely positioned to help you succeed.

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