MAG Italia

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MAG Italia

Over 40 years of history and research into innovation make MAG the reference broker for Italian companies operating in both the national and international markets. Experience, competence and a deep knowledge of Italian territorial diversity allow MAG to support national companies, placing them at the centre of the international insurance market, through a shared approach. A consultancy capacity that is strongly based on the analysis of future scenarios and the simulation of projections so as to validate concrete and viable proposals in advance to protect assets, investments, acquisitions and strategies.


Over 330 million premiums brokered every year in Italy

A highly specialised staff of 350 resources, located in Italy and abroad, but with a strong vocation for teamwork and travel

21 offices useful to guarantee a solid presence spread throughout the national territory

80% of the customer portfolio consists of corporate companies, middle markets and public bodies

Key Team


International Client Manager
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Head of international division
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