Women leading Lockton

Women leading Lockton

Lockton furthers commitment to empower women, joins #EmbraceAmbition movement

What sets Lockton apart isn't just our independence. It's our people. When Jack Lockton started the company there was one thing that drove him to continually overcome obstacles and succeed in building the largest privately owned insurance brokerage in the world: his entrepreneurial spirit. By embracing his ambition, Jack was able to create a company focused on bringing in talent that shared that same spirit of entrepreneurship – making a difference in the way we do business. Today, his dedication to empowering people has led us to create an inclusive work environment that inspires both men and women to become Lockton leaders.

Every March, the nation celebrates Women's History Month, taking time to highlight the empowerment and achievements of women. But at Lockton, commitment to diversity and inclusion happens more than one month every year. In 2020, we're honoring Women's History Month by highlighting Lockton's female leaders around the world.

The best and brightest are drawn to Lockton because they want to make a difference, not conform to the rest of the industry. Over the past 18 months, we've been joined by several elite women leaders around the world who embrace ambition and use it to bring change to the way we do business and develop emerging leaders. Lockton has a standard of attracting best-in-class talents across the industry, and these women embody that standard.

  • Elaine Coffman, President, Lockton Detroit

  • Belen Tokarski, COO, Mylo

  • Julie Gibson, Director of Communications

  • Amanda Harton, CEO, Lockton Ireland

  • Elizabeth Bailey, COO, Lockton Capital Markets

  • Rachael Tay, Employee Benefits Leader, Asia

Of course, this is nothing new for Lockton. Our first female producers Teresa Martin and Denise Bade were essential to growing the business and the company has benefited from the leadership of women like Executive Vice President Claudia Mandato for more than 30 years.

"Lockton has a long-standing commitment to excellence in the workplace. These women, and so many more, play integral roles in their region's and Lockton's global business," said Pam Popp, Chief Inclusion Officer and President of Retirement Services. "It's no secret that our industry must continue to evolve and empower women, especially as leaders. It is critical that we not only talk about the importance of female leadership roles, but continue to elevate women to these positions."

These leaders are focused on delivering regional and global growth, creating a culturally diverse work environment, driving change in business operations and more. But most importantly, they embody our entrepreneurial spirit and passion for developing more women in leadership. We firmly believe in supporting the empowerment of women. Our Women in Leadership (WIL) program helps Lockton Associates learn and grow through unique experiences and educational opportunities. WIL offers all Associates a formalized network within our company to identify, mentor and build future Lockton leaders.

With initiatives like WIL, the Lockton culture fosters a work-life fit that helps ignite personal and professional passions in an ever-changing industry. That's why we couldn't pass up the opportunity to highlight our company's great female leaders and Associates during Women's History Month.

Additionally, we're extending the proliferation of female empowerment by participating in the Tory Burch Foundation's #EmbraceAmbition movement. We've partnered with the Foundation along with our Northeast Series through a donation to the Embrace Ambition Summit. This year's Summit was an annual event dedicated to empowering women, bringing together leaders, activists and performers to challenge bias and create new norms.

"Lockton is honored to partner with the Tory Burch Foundation to support the Embrace Ambition Summit. The steps the Tory Burch Foundation is taking to challenge gender bias and double standards is impactful," said Peter Clune, Lockton Companies U.S. President and COO. "As a company, we hope that supporting the #EmbraceAmbition movement encourages our female Associates to embrace their own passion and ambition and fulfill their dreams. We will continue to put women in positions of power to inspire that."

We remain committed as always to empowering all our Associates to embrace ambition, become leaders and reflect our founder's entrepreneurial spirit. Please join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of Lockton's talented women in leadership throughout Women's History Month and beyond.