Wildfire Series Part 2: Wildfire Defense Program

At Lockton, we work closely with our clients to develop innovative risk management programs that minimize risks posed by the increasing frequency and intensity of wildfires. For many homeowners, Lockton recommends participating in a Wildfire Defense Program. This extra layer of protection provides tailored strategies to fortify luxury homes and landscapes against the threat of wildfires. And if damage does occur, rest assured Lockton is here to help with our concierge claims services.

What is the Wildfire Defense Program?

A Wildfire Defense Program combines cutting-edge technology and proactive measures to create a more robust line of defense against wildfires. These programs are designed to address the unique needs of high-value properties with intricate landscapes and valuable structures. By partnering with specialized firefighting teams, the program offers a range of services to enhance property resilience.

Best of all, there is no additional cost to participate. Let Lockton help you determine if this program is right for you – if you don’t have it already - and select the best carrier to fit your needs.

Potential benefits

  • Tailored risk assessment: The program often starts with a thorough assessment of the property's vulnerabilities. Professional teams may analyze factors such as topography, vegetation, and construction materials to create a customized wildfire risk profile. This assessment forms the basis for developing a targeted protection strategy.

  • Advanced fire prevention technology: A mitigation specialist will make recommendations regarding fire prevention technology for your situation. This typically includes fire-resistant roofing, ember-resistant vents, and advanced sprinkler systems that can be activated remotely. These technologies act as an early warning system, rapidly detecting and responding to potential fire threats.

  • Landscape Design and Maintenance: Receive guidance on landscaping choices that can mitigate wildfire risks. This includes recommendations on fire-resistant plants, defensible space creation, and proper vegetation management to create a natural barrier against advancing flames.

  • Environmentally friendly solutions. You, your family, and even your vegetation won’t risk long-term exposure if chemical barriers are needed to protect or defend structures. The gel products used are typically water-soluble and low in toxicity. As an added safety measure, any remaining residue is removed from the site after the event.

  • Emergency Response Plans: The Wildfire Defense Program provides you with step-by-step procedures to follow during a wildfire, helping ensure the safety of both family members and property. The program's rapid response teams are strategically positioned to provide immediate on-ground assistance if needed.

  • Peace of mind: Knowing your investment is better protected by a dedicated wildfire defense program brings an unparalleled sense of security. It allows you to enjoy your properties with less concern about the threat of wildfires.

As your dedicated risk management partner, Lockton makes certain your properties are defended against one of nature's most formidable challenges. And we’ll handle any related claims with compassion and efficiency. Contact your account team or a Lockton risk consultant for more details.

Coming next, part 3 of this wildfire protection series will focus on ways to minimize the financial impact of rising homeowners’ insurance premiums. If you missed our first blog (opens a new window) of this series, you may want to review the 10 helpful hints we provide that could reduce your physical and financial exposures due to wildfire.